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Juan Romera Sánchez was born in 1940 in ¿Las Canales,¿ a neighborhood in the town of Aledo which is known for its long history of pottery-making. Juan comes from a family which has always worked in pottery, and he has never worked in any other field since the day his father began teaching him the family trade. Traditionally, the only pottery made in this neighborhood was refractory mud pieces which were used in the kitchen. Juan Romera created these products and distributed his work by traveling salesmen around the region. After a few difficult years, and with the help of his wife, Juan Romera has been able to expand upon his success as a potter and continue the tradition as a family business where his five sons also work to distribute and export their creations.


Calle Las Canales 17
30859 Aledo
Murcia (Spain)

Telephone: +34 968487195
Fax: +34 968484596

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Juan Romera Sánchez
Export Director

Sector: Decoration accessories, Handcrafts, Household items

Activity: Manufacturer, Exporter

Total Turnover: From 60,000 to 300,000 euros

Employees: From 5 to 9

Export Volume: From 150,000 to 300,000 euros

Export Countries: France


Pottery products
Dishes and other ceramic articles
TARIC Code: 69 12 **
TARIC Denomination: Tableware, kitchenware, other household articles and toilet articles, of ceramics other than porcelain or china (excl. baths, bidets, sinks and similar sanitary fixtures, statuettes and other ornamental articles

Pottery products
Gardening decoration accessories (pots, jardinière, etc)
TARIC Code: 69 13 **
TARIC Denomination: Statuettes and other ornamental ceramic articles, n.e.s.

Pottery products
TARIC Code: 69 ** **
TARIC Denomination: Ceramic products