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Origins, one big family
The roots of Bodegas Luzón date back to the consecutive union of grape growers and wine producers in 1916. Throughout the last century the Bodega has seen much expansion and modernization and by the year 2000, it had reached its current size.
The Fuertes Group acquired ownership of the majority of the winery in 2005, undertaking major investments to refurbish and completely modernize Bodegas Luzón to the highest standards possible.
Bodegas Luzón has a total surface area of over 4.800 square meters. The newly added stone, wood and glass are sympathetic to the original structure, thus creating a perfect harmony between the tradition and innovation which makes our winery a very special place. Today, it is we are a modern and innovative winery, preserving the best of our past to produce wines of great personality and character.
A large group of field and laboratory technicians and oenologists work hand in hand with our very experienced winemakers. The perfect symbiosis between our team and our technology results in the extraordinary wines of Bodegas Luzón.
Our wines are the product of a combination of the grape variety, soil, climate, vinification and ageing, united in harmony to express the truly unique character of our environment. Our goal is to delight our customers by striking the optimum balance between finesse and power in each of our wines.

Origins, a big family since 1916
The geographical location, our point / Raison d etre???
Bodegas Luzón is one of the leading producers and exporters of quality wines from D.O. Jumilla (Murcia, Spain).
This winegrowing region is located in the North of the province of Murcia in Spain´s South-Eastern corner. The vineyards of Jumilla are located on a high plateau surrounded by mountains. The region enjoys a continental climate influenced by the Mediterranean Sea with warm days and cool nights; over 3,000 hours of sunshine are recorded annually with an average rainfall that does not exceed 300 l/m2 per year. Its soils are poor in organic material, coarse textured with stony, sandy clay and an abundance of limestone. These soils produce small clusters of grapes with good sugar concentration, excellent acidity and thicker skins.
Together, all of these characteristics result in the production of wines of intense colour, aroma, fruit character and weight.

The vineyard, our distinctive character
Viticulture is becoming increasingly important for obtaining quality wines. One of the most influential factors in a wine´s personality is the way the vineyard is managed.
We cultivate about 500 hectares of vineyards, which are monitored throughout the entire growth cycle by our technicians, who participate in the decision-making processes involving the cultivation practices.


Carretera Jumilla-Calasparra, Km.3,1 s/n
30520 Jumilla
Murcia (Spain)

Telephone: +34 968784135
Fax: +34 968781911

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Francisco Javier Martínez
Export Department

Isidoro Pérez de Tudela Guirao
Export Director

Sector: Organic farming (fresh and processed), Wine

Activity: Manufacturer, Marketer, Exporter, Producer

Total Turnover: From 6,000,000 to 12,000,000 euros

Employees: From 20 to 49


Export Volume: From 6,000,000 to 18,000,000 euros

Export Countries: Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, USA

Manufacturing Process:
Processing, our reason
The grapes are hand harvested and transported in 10 or 15 kg plastic crates, reaching the winery almost intact. Once there, they go through the sorting table. The clusters are then fed into the de-stemmer, which separates the berries from the stems. The stems are removed as they would add green, vegetal astringent characters. The grapes are then moved to the fermentation tanks. Each grape variety is fermented separately to maintain its own unique and distinctive properties..
Traceability and temperature control are our two major concerns. Upon arrival the grapes are stored in a refrigerated room and throughout the elaboration process they are kept in refrigerated fermentation tanks.
We are deeply focused on every single detail of the process to ensure that we bring out the very best in each grape and thus to create superior wines.

Aging, our experience
Barrels play a fundamental role in the aging of wines. The wood, through its pores, allows a slow penetration of oxygen which produces a mild oxidation, modifying the structure of the wine and altering its colour and flavour. Our aging rooms are underground, which provides fairly constant temperatures and humidity year round. We currently own 2,400 barrels and have an aging capacity of more than 5,000 American and French oak barrels.
Once bottled, wine is aged in the absence of air, in a reductive environment, which gives results in its roundness, harmonizes its aromas and optimizes its organoleptic characteristics.
We use wine racks to age the majority of our wines, however, for some of our very special wines, we maintain the traditional method of aging in bottle, lying one above the other.
Monastrell: a local variety, compact cluster, round grain, documented as early as the fifteenth century
The wines of Bodegas Luzon are the result of the variety, soil, climate, vinification and aging, all of which work in harmony to express the personal character of our land. Our wines are characterized by a combination of finesse and power, each of which are present in the desired measures for the enjoyment of our consumers.

Key Differentiating Features:


Altos de Luzon

Altos de Luzon
Wine (Jumilla designation of origin)
Altos de Luzon

Luzon Roble

Luzon Roble
Wine (Jumilla designation of origin)
Luzon Roble

Luzon Blanco. White wine

Luzon Blanco. White wine
Wine (Jumilla designation of origin)
Luzon Blanco. White wine

Las Hermanas. Red young wine

Las Hermanas. Red young wine
Wine (Jumilla designation of origin)
Las Hermanas. Red young wine

Las Hermanas Organic

Las Hermanas Organic
Wine (Jumilla designation of origin)
Las Hermanas Organic