CIF: A30106264

Firm founded in 1986 and located in Aguilas. This company is one of the largest in gilthead seabrine and seabass aquaculture in Spain. In 1990, the company was bought by a joint-venture society composed of Marine Farms AS, a Norwegian aquaculture multinational, and a Galician cement company that had diversified in aquaculture and was a pioneer in salmon and turbot in Spain. The firm stopped producing seriola and oysters to focus on gilthead seabrine and seabass. In 1996 it became 100% property of Marine Farms AS, and was converted into the largest floating cage hatcher in the Spanish Mediterranean, and one of the largest in Spain. Respect for the environment is a key part of operations, as they are acutely conscious of the benefits of hatching fish in high quality, unpolluted waters. These benefits include faster and more efficient growth, fewer problems with illness and a high quality final product. Experience shows that customers are willing to pay a higher price for Culmarex fish, prepared to satisfy the strictest market demands. The company's brand "Dorada Real y Lubina Real" is especially appreciated for offering a product which is generally not available in today's market.


Polígono Industrial De Águilas. CL don Carnal s/n
30880 Águilas
Murcia (Spain)

Telephone: +34 968493449
Fax: +34 968447221

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Ana Jorquera .

Sector: Fresh and frozen fish, mollusks and crustaceans

Activity: Manufacturer, Marketer, Exporter

Total Turnover: From 30,000,000 to 60,000,000 euros

Employees: From 50 to 99


Export Volume: From 300,000 to 600,000 euros

Export Countries: France




Fresh fish in general
TARIC Code: 03 02 6961
TARIC Denomination: Fresh or chilled sea bream "dentex dentex and pagellus spp."

Frozen fish fillets

Frozen fish fillets
Frozen fish
TARIC Code: 03 04 1038
TARIC Denomination: Fish fillets of saltwater fish, fresh or chilled (excl. cod, fish of the species boreogadus saida, coalfish and redfish)


Fresh fish in general
TARIC Code: 03 02 6994
TARIC Denomination: Fresh or chilled sea bass "dicentrarchus labrax"

Young fishes

Young fishes
Fresh fish in general
TARIC Code: 03 02 6999
TARIC Denomination: Fresh or chilled saltwater fish, edible (excl. salmonidae, flat fish, tunas, skipjack, herrings, cod, sardines, anchovies, sprats, haddock, coalfish, mackerel, sharks, eels [anguilla spp.], fish of the genus red