CIF: 52817866E

Lawyer specialized in International Business Law and International Trade, with over fifteen years experience in the legal and banking field, in the area of business consulting, management and advisory services, both in the national and international scope.

Master in International Trade (ENAE Business School, 2014) and International Contracts Specialist (EUDE Business School, 2013), with a wide knowledge in legal and commercial English.

The expertise carried out in Financing and Banking fields (Manager in Private Banking, Office Bank Director) have contributed to my specialization in International Banking Law, in teaching and assessment of teams and in the development, establishment and management of Investment Projects, both with a national and international scope.

I give advice about the best way of implementing proposed business plans in any part of the world, with all the responsiveness, diligence, professionalism and seriousness needed to ensure the client receives the maximum legal certainty from the very first moment.

Investment projects are mainly developed under a turnkey basis, providing the frames needed in order to make them a reality.

The personalized way in which the managerial and advisory services are carried out allow the client the possibility of being accompanied whenever the customer needs until the conclusion of the project, personally monitoring that all the paperwork, bureaucratic requirements and meetings are conducted correctly. Thus, the client is, at every single moment, backed up by a reliable lawyer.


Calle El Clavel 4 3C
30012 Murcia
Murcia (Spain)

Telephone: +34 667947848
Fax: +34 968353317

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Sector: Legal service and tax and accounting consultancy

Activity: Services

Total Turnover: Under 60,000 euros

Employees: From 1 to 4

Export Countries: Algeria, Brazil, Cameroon, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, Guatemala, India, Italy, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, USA


International trade and comercial law
Lawyers office and lawyers services

International commercial contracts
Lawyers office and lawyers services

International trade training
Corporate consultancy