CIF: 23284236W

'mandarínate' is a fresh and young brand focused in the production and commercialization on tangerines (Nova variety). Its promotor, Ginés Román, is a young entrepreneur giving continuity to a family business created in the 70s, diversifying what has been the key product of the company and the area where it is located: tomatos.

Cultivated fields and infraestructures are located in Cañada de Gallego (Mazarrón). south-east of Spain, part of the Region of Murcia, considered the vegetable garden of Europe.

'mandarinate' mission is offering high-quality and fresh tangerines, thanks to its traceable cultivation, harvest, packing and commercialization processes, counting with the Global Gap Label Certification.


Calle Camino Real 71
30876 Mazarrón
Murcia (Spain)

Telephone: +34 968154040

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Ginés Román Cánovas

María Esteher Peñalver Ibarra
Marketing Director

Sector: Fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables

Activity: Exporter, Producer

Total Turnover: Under 60,000 euros

Employees: From 5 to 9

Export Volume: Under 30,000 euros

Export Countries: France, Germany, Italy, Poland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom


Tangerine/mandarin Nova or Clemenvilla

Tangerine/mandarin Nova or Clemenvilla
Citrus fruit
TARIC Code: 08 05 20
TARIC Denomination: Fresh or dried mandarins incl. tangerines and satsumas, clementines, wilkings and similar citrus hybrids
Tangerine/mandarin Nova or Clemenvilla