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FEYCSA is a non- profit company set up in order to prmote social and work integration for disabled people.
Through its own stationery brand - LABOR VIVA ¿ our company offers many fully customizable items , hand crafted but using the latest technology processes, and of the highest quality designs and variety of styles.
Competitive prices and personalized service

We are designers and manufacturers, and so we can meet any size of order and offer different options to customize diaries , notebooks and other items according to the needs and budget of the client.

We provide our partners with a Distributor Price List, according to the Terms and Conditions for our Distributor, Minimum Turnover 200 units by year (but minimum order can be only 50 units )

Furthermore, we provide virtual software to design items in 3D with amazing results. If you would like, we can show you a DEMO
If you wish to use this service to fully customize your product, please ask for a personal quotation

We are a non profit-making company helping disabled people, so we are suitable for clients who value their corporative social responsibility ( RSC). Otherwise, we can omit our logo if the distributor prefers this.

We have been working in cooperation with the best advertising distributors in Spain.

We are situated in the Region of Murcia ( Spain ), an area well known for export, close to Alicante International Airport and near the port of Valencia. Murcia is extremely well connected by road and has the largest truck fleet in Europe.

Labor Viva is located in an Industrial State ( La Estrella. Molina de Segura, 15 kms from Murcia, where FEYCSA Head Office is located )


Plaza Sandoval 5
30004 Murcia
Murcia (Spain)

Telephone: +34 968603240
Fax: +34 968603266

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Elena Díaz Martínez

Alejandro Campillo Montes
Commercial Department

Sector: Graphic arts articles

Activity: Manufacturer, Marketer, Producer

Total Turnover: From 300,000 euros to 600,000 euros

Employees: From 50 to 99


Export Volume: Under 30,000 euros

Export Countries: Denmark, France, Germany, Guatemala, Italy, Panama, Portugal

Manufacturing Process:
Digital and offset printing. Hand crafted and Industrial Making Process

Key Differentiating Features:
Making non profit company helping disabled people to get a job

ISO 9001


Customised Stationery: Diaries, notebooks, school diaries ...

Customised Stationery: Diaries, notebooks, school diaries ...
Graphic arts in general
TARIC Code: 48 20 1050
TARIC Denomination: Diaries with calendars, of paper or paperboard
Customised Stationery: Diaries, notebooks, school diaries ...


Souvenirs made in Spain for you
Fully customised stationery:

Magnetic notebooks
Small notebooks with pen included
Mousepad multiuse
Notebooks in different sizes and finishes

Please, contact with us for PRIZE LIST DISTRIBUTOR
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