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Capital Risk giant KKR arrives to Spain

The investing firm lands in Spain in search of new opportunities

KKR, fund management company, plans on setting up an office in our country over the next few months. The company sees Spain as a mature market in which to open a corporate branch. Before setting up here, this USA firm analyzed the Spanish market for a number of years. Once KKR put together a significant investment portfolio, they decided to set up locally.

KKR has invested over the last three years more than ¿800 million in Spain, which has emerged as a market of opportunities. This explains the presence in our country not only of KKR, but also of its main competitor (Blackstone), as well as of other large investment funds such as BC Partners and Cinven. The arrival of additional funds is just a matter of time. The capital risk sector has allocated nearly 13 billion in Spain as it is considered a market with perfect conditions: a banking sector in difficulties, lack of corporate financing and economic recession, reasons forcing the Spanish government to look for external help.

Source: El Confidencial